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Ishbel Taromsari is a British-Iranian woman cycling solo around the world.
She's been on the road for over two years and has explored 16 countries by bicycle.
Ishbel is upfront about her fear of creepy, crawly things and doesn't hide her desire for comforts on the road. That said, she doesn't allow anything to stop her from exploring the remotest corners of our planet.

I’m at the opposite end of the whole outdoor adventurer Bear Grylls spectrum.  I scream at spiders, slugs, scorpions, snakes and everything else creepy crawly.  Sometimes I save the scream and run.  You will sure hear me when I reach the Amazon!

I carry my belongings on my bicycle.  I’m way overloaded yet no mountain has won the battle and made me ditch my perfumes and nail polish.  I absolutely need these to cycle around the world.

I’m pedalling 59.9 kg of bicycle and equipment around the world and over its mountains.  I’m in my granny gear going over the speed bumps!  This weight is not including food and this girl has a big appetite!

As she bicycles around the world, Ishbel is promoting every woman's right to cycle. This came as a response to the recent fatwa issued by Ayatollah Khamenei prohibiting women in Iran from riding a bicycle in a public place.
Ishbel is also a great lover of animals and speaks out about the plight of homeless pets around the world.

Visit her website: World Bike Girl


World Bike Girl
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