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Twisting Spokes

Susanne van Aardenne and her partner, Martin, embarked on their round the world bicycle tour in 2014. They travel unsupported and rely on their own funding.  So far they have biked nearly 35,000 kilometres around the globe. Here is how

Long Haul Trekkers

Who hasn't dreamed of bike touring with a beloved pet?  Jen Sotolongo and her partner Dave Hoch have done just that.   One of our greatest delights while cycle touring is passively listening to the comments people make as we whizz

Tasting Travels

Annika Wachter, a 29-year-old German woman, is cycling the world with her partner Roberto Gallegos  from Mexico. Tasting Travels seeks to promote bicycle travel as a model to cultivate empathy. Annika shares the wonders of bike travel around the world

Team Oufti!

For some cyclists, bicycle touring it's all about testing your limits and torturing yourself with ever more difficult routes.  Others zip along and enjoy themselves.  Team Oufti knows how to have a good time and challenge themselves.  Vera van de Nieuwenhof (AKA

2 Cycle the World

Baerbel Gerhardt took a career break from her corporate communications job to cycle the world with her partner Johan. In September 2012,  the couple left Germany to begin a 21-month tour riding a total of 26,000 kilometers through 23 countries on

Tales on Tyres

German photographer Franzi Wernsing is bikepacking around the world with her partner Jona Riechmann. Her story is a classic tale of wanderlust.  In 2012, she quit her job in Hamburg, Germany, sold all her belongings and took off to New Zealand.

Long Rode Home

Sarah Webb is an Australian  journalist who got fed up with writing about other people’s adventures and decided to set off on one of her own. Here's how the adventurer from Down Under describes herself: I’m a writer, a busy

Punctures + Panniers

Claire Mason and her partner André Siwek have recently completed a 20,000-kilometer ride from London to Japan. Their journey is delightfully documented through regular blog updates and fabulous images. Anyone considering a long-distance bike tour should check out their FAQs.

Powered By Adobo

Dang Huevos is a Filipina-Canadian on an epic bikepacking tour with her partner Dean Cunanan.  Their site, Powered by Adobo, is a reference to the popular dish from the Philippines. Pork belly, vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, and pepper, boil everything

Pedaling Perspectives

Elizabeth Ellis knows how to spin a good yarn.  And she's a talented photographer, too. Plus she likes to ride bikes in faraway places. All this comes together in a delightfully  inspiring website that chronicles her bikepacking adventures across the

Fat Cycling

  Gina Bruckner, riding a Surly Pugsley, biked all the way from Mexico to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in South America. She undertook this challenging 20,000  kilometer backroad and dirt trail bikepacking journey with partner Daniel Mattison. Think this is a

Be Cycling

Italian Simona Pergola  and her partner Daniele Carletti left Rome in 2014 on a quest to ride their bikes over the seven highest road passes in the world. So far, their round the world tour has taken them across Europe, Asia and

Pedalling West

After spending 5 years teaching English in Japan, Clare Evans set off to cycle home to England with her husband Andy. That was August 2015. 18 months later, the duo has biked through 14 countries and just set foot on

Rolling on Two Wheels

Browsing through beautiful bicycle touring photography is one of the most pleasurable (and addictive) ways to discover potential cycling destinations. The team behind Rolling on Two Wheels, Jessica Daniel and Danny Yates, serve up some of the most tantalizing cycling

The Freewheelers

So what is a FREEWHEELER? Here's what has to say: Freewheeler. Noun. Pronunciation: [free-wee-ler]1. A vehicle that can freewheel. 2. A person who works or lives in an independent, often daring, way. 3. A person who is primarily concerned

57 Degrees South

  Scotts woman Laura Erwin is attempting to bike the length of the Andes with her partner, Reeza Noori. Their bicycle expedition began in Ushuaia, the most southerly town in South America, in late October 2015. The biking duo is traversing the

Riding Wild

  Oklahoma-born Olivia Cuenca is bikepacking around the world with her partner Eric Timmerman. Their goal is to: find, ride, and document some kick ass roads: the entire length of the Himalayas, the Andes, the beaches of Southeast Asia, the

Getting Nowhere

Polish cyclist Anna Emeschajmer and her husband Mateusz having been touring the world since 2012.   So far they've biked across Europe, Asia and Australia are currently riding through Southwest USA.  There's is an open-ended tour with no fixed destination or

Travelling Two

  Travelling Two is consistently ranked as one of the most popular Bicycle Touring websites on the Internet.  It’s not hard to figure out why. Friedel Grant, the creative force behind Travelling Two, has designed her site to appeal to

Bicycle Junkies

Ellen Van Drunen and her husband Elmar are Dutch round the world cyclists.  Ellen describes herself as a wannabe photographer and travel writer.  She's biked through 43 countries and has a beautiful collection of bike touring images. She's also an


Brigitte Jost and her husband Ivo are bikepacking around the world.  On the road since 2013, the adventure-loving couple has crossed Asia, Africa, South America and North America. They are currently riding through the high Himalaya. Over the last eighteen years, the Swiss duo has visited more than fifty countries and