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A gutsy 20-year-old Shirine Taylor set off to cycle the world solo. Not only was she successful on her tour, but she managed to do it on just 5 dollars a day.  Solo. This is how the multi-talented adventurer from Oregon describes herself:

I am a wanderer. I am a minimalist. I am a traveler. I am curious, unafraid, and ambitious. I am also a photographer, writer, adventurist, and, simply put, a twenty-four-year-old gal with more energy than a five-year-old boy. I’m the one who sings to every cow we pass and the one who tends to drastically change our itinerary in a heartbeat. I’m also the “social butterfly” who will make friends with just about anyone we happen upon along the road. I am one of the happiest people you will ever meet, and I want to do just about everything from live in a remote African village to climb Denali. 

This blog is an inspirational read for anyone, but particularly pertinent if you're young and inexperienced and doubting your ability to tour solo.

Be sure to check out her top route recommendations before getting lost in the tales of adventure and gorgeous images from the road.

Shirine is still touring, but no longer going solo.  She's a recent newlywed and spending her honeymoon biking around New Zealand with husband Kevin. 

Wandering Nomads
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