The Adventure Syndicate is a collective of 11 extraordinary women who are leaders in the world of cycling.  Between them, they are champions, record-holders, award-winners, athletes, adventurers and explorers.   

These high-achieving women aim to challenge what others think they —and all women— are capable of.

Imagine what you are capable of….now multiply it by ten.

The Adventure Syndicate members are also speakers, authors, teachers and learners.  What draws them together is their passion for sharing adventures and commitment to inspiring others.

Beyond being a source of inspiration, the group helps women identify their ambitions, overcome obstacles, and make the most of their talent and potential.

The Adventure Syndicate gives talks, runs workshops, leads rides and answers questions about bike touring adventures. The group is currently active in the UK.

Visit their website: The Adventure Syndicate 

The Adventure Syndicate
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