team Oufti Vera van de Nieuwenhof

For some cyclists, bicycle touring it's all about testing your limits and torturing yourself with ever more difficult routes. 

Others zip along and enjoy themselves.  Team Oufti knows how to have a good time and challenge themselves.

 Vera van de Nieuwenhof (AKA Velo Vera) and her partner Cyril Cherin are the fun- loving folks behind Team Oufti!

They're biking from Amsterdam to Tokyo and are currently discovering the joys of bike touring in Myanmar.

After nine months of partner touring, Vera tried  a stint solo cycling inThailand:

It is strange to cycle alone after such a long time together. Since I have a new phone I can listen to music again. I make longer cycling days because there is little incentive to hang around the tent or in a restaurant on your own.

I break my personal longest distance per day record: 150km in fierce sunshine and on hot tarmac. I miss Cyril but I get a kick out of being a strong and independent solo cycling woman.

Thai people are the smiliest people in the world so I never feel very lonely. People wave, give a big thumbs up, shout hello, and some even hand me water or powerdrinks as they are whizzing by on their mopeds.


Team Oufti is an excellent site for practical planning information.  Be sure to check out the online resources page for links to cyclists they're met and tools they use.

Visit the website: Team Oufti

Team Oufti!
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