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World Cycle Videos

What can be more inspiring than a bicycle touring video to get you off the couch and on your bike exploring this vast world? While a simple YouTube or Google search will turn up thousands of hits, there’s a much

Bicycle Traveler Magazine

Wondering where to set off to on your next cycling adventure?  Love reading captivating tales from the saddle? Curious about the latest innovations in bicycle touring gear?  Enjoy browsing through beautiful bike touring images? Then head on over to Bicycle

Travelling Two

  Travelling Two is consistently ranked as one of the most popular Bicycle Touring websites on the Internet.  It’s not hard to figure out why. Friedel Grant, the creative force behind Travelling Two, has designed her site to appeal to

Unclipped Adventure

Sometimes we all take ourselves too seriously.  Even bicycle travelers.   If you're in need of a good laugh about the mishaps and mayhem of bike touring, check out Unclipped Adventures. The online comics series, which manages to be both

The Adventure Syndicate

The Adventure Syndicate is a collective of 11 extraordinary women who are leaders in the world of cycling.  Between them, they are champions, record-holders, award-winners, athletes, adventurers and explorers.    These high-achieving women aim to challenge what others think they

Bike Touring Basics e-book

Learn almost everything you need to know about bicycle touring in this FREE e-book from the folks at Travelling Two.  Download Bike Touring Basics and learn all about the best touring bikes, what gear you need for a round the world bike tour,

Andes by Bike

Harriet Pike is one of the toughest women on two wheels. With husband and cycling partner, Neil, she's pioneered remote cycling routes in the Andes and the Himalayas.  Her cycling adventures can be found on the Pikes on Bikes website.