solo woman cycling around the world Heike Pirngruber
Heike Pirngruber (AKA the Pushbikegirl) was born in Germany in 1972 and wanted to explore the world ever since she was a child.
Before setting off on her round the world solo bicycle tour, she worked as a camera woman for Germany’s biggest broadcast station, ZDF. The well-travelled Pushbikegirl is also a professional photographer.
Heike's world tour began way back in 2013. So far she has ridden through 31 countries and pedalled almost 45,000 kilometres. Her latest stage is a ride across the Americas. Heike loves wild camping, dirt roads and exploring the remote corners of our planet.
On her Pushbikegirl blog, Heike writes about her adventures, gathers touring tips, and publishes fascinating interviews with other women cycling solo around the world.
Learn more about what is like to be a solo female cycling around the world by watching this short video from Heike:

Visit her website: Pushbikegirl


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