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Dang Huevos is a Filipina-Canadian on an epic bikepacking tour with her partner Dean Cunanan.  Their site, Powered by Adobo, is a reference to the popular dish from the Philippines.

Pork belly, vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, and pepper, boil everything together and voila! Adobo. That’s all you need to make this sumptuous dish. It’s indestructible(the vinegar keeps it from getting spoiled), tastes better than energy bar and cheap. It’s the most popular dish in the Philippines. Whenever we go trekking adobo is our go to food. It’s simple to prepare, cheap, packable and you will not get tired chowing it down.

The Toronto-based duo will be powered by Adobo as they cycle their way from Alaska to Argentina and then onto Turkey and Central Asia eventually pedaling all the way to the Philippines.

Their beautiful bike touring blog is a chronicle of their adventures, ups and downs, joy and miseries and everything in between.

As long-distance bikepacking is just gaining a foothold, their journey is of particular interest.  If you're considering a similar journey you'll surely be interested in their choice of bikes:

After a lot of back and forth on which bike, I went with the Surly ECR. It's a newly released 29er bike fully capable of swallowing 3- inch tires. Now few people have tried using it for long-term bike touring. I got my inspiration from this and this. The frame is made of Chromoly that comes with enough braze-ons to satisfy any tourer’s insatiable appetite for attaching bottles cages, racks, mudguards and more bottles cages.

bikepacking surly for round the world tour

The couple is currently in Peru and in the midst of a serious gear purge.  Check out the blog to find out how Dang and Dean have slimmed down their setup.

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