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After spending 5 years teaching English in Japan, Clare Evans set off to cycle home to England with her husband Andy. That was August 2015.

18 months later, the duo has biked through 14 countries and just set foot on European soil.  They're pedaling through Greece with their bikes pointed towards Britain.

Pedalling West is an excellent website for getting a good picture of daily life on the bikes.  Their blog is updated regularly so the stories and pictures are always fresh.

Here's a snapshot of Clare and Andy's unforgettable ride on Central Asia's Pamir Highway:

We set off down the far side, looking forward to a long smooth downhill and feeling pretty good to have conquered the pass, our highest so far. But we rounded a corner to be faced with another climb! A second pass that we’d forgotten about, so we were back into climbing gear and back up to 3,550m before we could enjoy the downhill for real.

It was worth it though. As we descended, the valley opened out to give us views down to Sary Tash and across the plain to the Pamir mountains proper, dominated by Peak Lenin.

Riding down, I was pretty choked up to see this incredible vista with my own eyes. I’ve seen it in so many photos and cycling journals. This is what I’ve been looking forward to the most on this trip.

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Pedalling West
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