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Elizabeth Ellis knows how to spin a good yarn.  And she's a talented photographer, too. Plus she likes to ride bikes in faraway places. All this comes together in a delightfully  inspiring website that chronicles her bikepacking adventures across the Americas.  Liz and her husband Tyndall set off from Alaska in 2015 and are headed all the way to the tip of South America.

Here's a tasty bite from her ride through Peru:

Spinning my pedals, I go up, seeking solitude and silence. The road deteriorates, turning to loose, deep gravel. I put on music and keep churning. We load up on water, wanting to sleep in the paramo tonight. At the pass, there’s a hidden flat space perfect for stealth camping. The wind is a whisper and we eat dinner as the sun sets. The stars twinkle on and we drink tea. There’s the southern cross on one side, and the big dipper, just across, on the opposite horizon. The north star is gone. Silence permeates. 

Of particular interest to anyone in search of tips on how to lighten their load, is the equipment page.

Bike touring can be light, fast, and offroad. The advent of frame bags has brought new life to adventure cycling. Bikes are going places that they have never been before, they are doing it faster, and they are going self supported.

Visit the website: Pedaling Perspectives


Pedaling Perspectives
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