Who hasn't dreamed of bike touring with a beloved pet?  Jen Sotolongo and her partner Dave Hoch have done just that.  

One of our greatest delights while cycle touring is passively listening to the comments people make as we whizz past. 

“Look! They’re carrying their baby!”

“Oh, they brought their kid!”

“There’s a baby inside their trailer!”

When we stop and tell them that we have a dog, not a baby, they don’t believe us. So we show them.

To witness the shock that overcomes their faces is reason alone to cycle with a dog.

Yes, cycle touring with a dog certainly poses its challenges. We voluntarily added additional weight to an already heavy touring load, finding dog-friendly accommodation can be cumbersome, we have to visit many, many vets to obtain travel documents, and we wouldn’t have our tour any other way.


bike touring with a dog

Jen hails from Portland, Oregon, USA and has crafted a life around spirited adventures and international travel. 

But it wasn't always so. After completing her studies, she delved into corporate America and sound found her dream job wasn't so dreamy.  A few weeks of annual leave and the occasional long weekend just didn't cut it.  Jen and Dave were both desperate to find a new way of life beyond the standard nine to five. 

Even their Australian Shepherd, Sora, saw how work controlled their life.  In May 2015, they took the big plunge into the great unknown and began their bike touring adventure in Oslo, Norway.   After slowly cycling their way to Athens via the Balkans and Turkey, they flew to Ushuaia in  January 2016.  From Patagonia, the trio began their pedal-powered journey north towards Portland.  

Here's Jen's favorite travel quote:

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it is lethal. – Paulo Coelho


On the Long Haul Trekkers blog, you'll find stories of adventures and mishaps on the road including The 8 Stages of Cycling into Headwinds and Train Travel with Two Bikes and a Dog.

Other informative articles include tips for managing finances on the road, building a women’s touring bike, and best mapping apps for cycle travelers

If you're on the fence about setting off on your own round the world bicycle tour, their Why You Should Quit Your Job article is a must read.  Their blog is also an excellent resource for anyone who needs to learn how to go bicycle touring with a dog.


Visit her website: Long Haul Trekkers


Long Haul Trekkers
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