Juliana Buhring solo woman cycling around the world

In 2014, solo long-distance cyclist Juliana Buhring became the fastest woman to circumnavigate the globe by bike.  She rode over 29,000 kilometers (18,000 mi) in a total time of 152 days (144 actual days in the saddle).

The British-German cyclist is also the women's winner of the inaugural TransAM Bike Race, completing the 4,322-mile ride across America in just 20 days and 23 hours.

Juliana is the author of two bestselling books.  Not Without My Sister, co-authored with her two sisters, Celeste Jones and Kristina Jones, details their lives growing up in the notorious Children of God cult. 

Her second book, This Road I Ride, describes her record-breaking bicycle ride around the world.

She may be an ultra-endurance racer, but she's much more than a speed-obsessed kilometer-counter. Juliana is a gifted writer, so it's a pity she doesn't post in her blog more frequently. Her words are a refreshing source of inspiration and good sense. 

Here's a tasty nugget from her recent article Kindness:

Throughout the entire ride, I had found only goodness and generosity everywhere, people who went out of their way to help whenever I needed assistance, eager to offer me a drink, a smile and a wave.

Visit her website: Juliana Buhring


Juliana Buhring
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