Jasmine Reese Bicycle Touring

Can you imagine setting off to cycle across the USA with your dog in tow, your violin strapped on your bike and just $100 in your pocket?

Jasmine Reese did just that back in 2013. Now the Indianapolis native has 11,000 miles of proud pedaling under her belt. She is no longer the bike touring newbie with no clue how to set up a tent or fix a flat.

The decision to go bicycle touring came when Jasmine was traversing a rough patch.  

She'd bounced around from university to university and had lost her enthusiasm for college.  

Her heart was set on a career in music, yet the path to Carnegie Hall was far from clear-cut.  

Ultimately, her bicycle journey provided a sense of purpose and direction

For me, bicycling was the answer. I love to travel slow. It also served as a way to boost my ego.

It also challenged some of the ideas of what we perceive to be possible.

Hey look, a chubby girl is riding a bicycle across the country.

Hey look, a city girl who doesn’t even know how to put a tent together is a self-contained cycle tourist.

Hey look, a person who has no money is traveling, meeting new people and seeing amazing sights.

Jasmine's latest project is Random Acts of Violinece (RAV).  As she bikes, she connects with local musicians, learns new music and in this way overcomes her fear of performance.

That’s what random acts of violince encourages — facing one’s fears, expressing oneself, accomplishing dreams and, in turn, making others happy through the gift of music.

Visit her website: Fijapaw.com


Jasmine Reese-Fijapaw
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