Polish cyclist Anna Emeschajmer and her husband Mateusz having been touring the world since 2012.   So far they've biked across Europe, Asia and Australia are currently riding through Southwest USA. 

There's is an open-ended tour with no fixed destination or estimated return date.  Their focus is the road and being in motion.  Being 'nowhere' is what brings them joy and contentment.

The most important thing for us is to remain free and independent. We are aware of the fact, that it is impossible to be totally free, and that there will be always something limiting our dreams, but we try to do our best not to get stuck in routines and stiff concepts. We want to travel, but we don’t want to be attached too much to the concept of traveling either – we have no problem “cheating” from time to time by taking a bus or a train. This is not a race, and there is nobody waiting for us at the finish line.

Visit the website: Getting Nowhere

Getting Nowhere
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