Bike Girl

Anna Becke is cycling the Americas.  So far she's ridden from Canada to Guatemala.

Brakes and Cakes

Two women, two bikes, seeing as much of the world as possible. Debs Butler and Jo Welford cycling the world.

Helen's Take On

Helen Lloyd rode solo through Africa and has done winter bike touring in Russia.

Leana Niemand

South African Leana Niemand is a solo female cyclist on the road for more than a decade.

The Ways We Came

Jessilyn Yoo is tandem touring with her partner Neil.

Dorothee Fleck

Dorothee Fleck is a  German round-the-world solo cyclist who has biked over 150,000  kilometers in around 60 countries.

A Thousand Turns

Anna Kortschak is an Australian solo female cyclist on an open-ended tour.  Warning: Addictive travel tales.


Former bike messenger Jorja Creighton cycles the world.

Yoga of Bike Tour

A blog about how bike touring is like life, and life is like bike touring.

Freewheeling Fem


Cyclink the World

Plant Yourself

Spanish cyclist Laura Martínez Calderón riding 90,000 kilometers around the world since 2006

Escaping the Matrix

Amrap, spending 4 years bicycle touring solo around the world.

Wraggebag Cyclists

Sarah and her partner Bernie are Brits on a long-distance bicycle touring adventure.  Current location: somewhere in South America.

Madame Bicylette

11 months, 11 countries, 2 legs, 1 bicycle. And a lot of enthusiasm.

L'autre Route



Olga and her partner Michel cycling the world since 2016 (GERMAN language only).

Cycling Charlotte

Heike Nickel has been cycling around the world for over two years (English + German).

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