The ever-upbeat Mirjam Wouters of Cycling Dutch Girl fame is one of the most inspiring bicycle touring bloggers on the internet.

Mirjam's evocative images bring to life the intriguing people she meets and beautiful places she rides her bike. But it's really Mirjam's gift for storytelling which has earned her such a devoted following.  Click on almost any random blog post, and you'll be hooked.  Here's what the Cycling Dutch Girl has to say about her time on Japan's northernmost island, Hokkaido:

After sticking to roads for about three weeks I had the urge to get out, find a dirt track and see what else there is on Hokkaido.

According to my logic, there had to be a track where I saw a river and a railway line on my map. I was right. Almost.

In most countries, you will find service roads along railway lines. No difference here.  

I was very happy, although I couldn’t step of my bike for more than 3 seconds as my legs would be covered in ants.

Enjoying the scenery I hardly noticed the track becoming a bit smaller and a bit overgrown, until about an hour later it had disappeared all together.  Rather inconvenient indeed.

The good thing was I got to cycle the track twice🙂

Mirjam began her nomadic cyclist life in March 2007 and just recently gave her pedaling a pause to focus on motherhood.  Surely it won't be long before we'll be reading about bike adventures with beautiful baby girl Tara.

For now, get lost in the Cycling Dutch Girl's extensive archives and read all about her decade of two-wheeled travel.

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