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Cinderella Servranckx (AKA Cycling Cindy) is a Dutch solo cyclist born in 1972.
She loves adventure travel and diving deep into the discovery of our planet.  Her desire is to wander about by bicycle, admiring nature and witnessing the world without being confined to one space. Some might call her a restless spirit.
Cindy has been on the road for many years and has cycled through Europe, Africa, the Americas, the Indian Subcontinent and the Middle East.
Her bike touring website features gorgeous photography of the people she meets and places she passes, as well as thoughtful reflections from the road. She regularly ponders the 'why' behind her long-term nomadic lifestyle.  Here are some of  Cindy's recent musings:

Is it a flight of the known? A flight out of regularity and tranquillity where I do thrive so well? Is it restlessness?

Again, the days slip by, a week seems futile. And it has nothing to do with regularity, boredom or habit, but more with the feeling that I live. To be surprised by the beauty of preferably natural surroundings. Unknown people. The stimuli of different. Discarding of habits. Feeling life flowing through, as a rush of adrenaline, not by stress or bound by rules imposed through silliness.

The Cycling Cindy blog is also full of tips and advice on the practical side of bicycle touring from a female perspective.  Here are thoughts on the tough question of bike shorts:

There is no benefit from a padded cycle short for me. Such a big lump of synthetic padding in your crotch isn’t comfortable. Imagine temperatures above forty degrees, hovering up to fifty, nicely hot and steamy just isn’t the best thing for those parts of the body. Perhaps due to my synthetic saddle, maybe too much rubbing due to wrong saddle height, but I got serious irritations. To a certain degree where sitting on the saddle really hurts me… If you can do without them, do!

If you're still in the planning stages of your round-the-world bike tour, be sure to check out Cindy's tips on tools and repair kit list.
Cindy is one of the most experienced female cyclists currently on tour, and you can easily lose yourself for days rummaging through her blog.

Visit her bicycle touring website: Cycling Cindy


Cycling Cindy
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