Got cycle touring questions?  Need a sounding board for on the road experiences? Bicycle touring newbies and seasoned cyclists alike turn to the Facebook Bicycle Travelling Women forum when they're in need of advice, support, or just feel like sharing.

The almost 2,000 members of Bicycle Travelling Women are friendly, knowledgeable and always ready to help.  The group was founded by Sachi Wilson and Susanne van Aardenne of Twisting Spokes.  

This group is about traveling by bicycle for women, to share, to discuss things which might not be as comfortable in mixed groups and to encourage starting bicycle travelers. The group is for all women so even if you are cycling with friends or with your partner you have a place here!

The Bicycle Travelling Women FB group is highly active.  Check regularly to find stories of the road, photos, experiences, questions and guidance, plus links to articles that are relevant for women travelling by bicycle.

If you are an experienced rider, this is a great place to 'give back' and share your knowledge with other female bike touring fanatics.

Here's a taste of some of the recent topics covered on the forum:

  • Advice on cycling in Central Asia
  • Recommendation for bicycle shop in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Tips on wild camping in Laos
  • Route planning advice in Sicily
  • Thoughts on sleeping solo in the forest
  • Questions about high-viz panniers
  • Sharing NZ tour pics

Join the Bicycle Travelling Women group.

Bicycle Travelling Women Forum
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