Italian Simona Pergola  and her partner Daniele Carletti left Rome in 2014 on a quest to ride their bikes over the seven highest road passes in the world.
So far, their round the world tour has taken them across Europe, Asia and Australia.
Simona's ideal journey is one with no regular comfort. She loves every aspect of mountains, above all the fatigue of conquest.
Here's how she feels about bicycles and travel:

I remember cycling from my earliest childhood. I mainly remember tests of courage which involved launching my bicycle down the garage slope in my neighborhood of Colli Aniene.

Bicycles, to me, mean exploring.  Thanks to the bicycle,  I was able to go beyond the boundaries of my neighborhood, to go beyond the gate of the summer camp to buy croissants in the village.

Besides walking, bicycles are the very first means of transportation that we learn to use and to love.  Bicycles can be used at any age and they always provide the same pleasure.*

Visit her website: Be Cycling

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Be Cycling
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