Anna McNuff round the world cyclist
Anna McNuff is a British adventurer who describes herself as a 'sport loving, cake baking, outdoor feind.'
In 2013, she cycled her way through all 50 American States.  Along the way, Anna spoke in schools and spread the word about the joys of two-wheeled travel.

I've seen first hand how it can transform lives. It builds friendships, instills confidence and almost always leads to individuals achieving things they never thought possible. It's official; Cycling's the new sliced bread, and I'm on a mission to butter it.

Many of us let drawn-out planning phases keep us from the adventurous life we yearn for.  That's why, in February 2016, Anna turned the reins of her second big bike adventure over to social media.

Travel and adventure can be a tricky business. Planning leads to procrastination, procrastination to wavers in confidence, to delayed plans and life contorting itself into a sticky spiders web of reasons why we shouldn’t just pack up and go. Before you know it, it’s ten years down the line and you’re still saying ‘I’ve always wanted to… [insert fabulous location]’. I too am guilty of such a heinous crime. The victim? Europe.

Anna set off from London with no set destination and no agenda, relying entirely on online fans to vote for and decide her exploration route. The final tally of her spontaneous European tour was a total of 1,328 miles, 47 of those walking, 273 on trains and 1001 by bicycle.
The intrepid Brit's latest adventure is a long-distance bike ride from Bolivia to the tip of South America, tackling as many Andean Peaks as she can along the way.
The Guardian newspaper recently named Anna as one of the top female adventurers of our time.

Visit her website: Anna McNuff

Anna McNuff
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