Andes by Bike
Harriet Pike is one of the toughest women on two wheels. With husband and cycling partner, Neil, she's pioneered remote cycling routes in the Andes and the Himalayas.  Her cycling adventures can be found on the Pikes on Bikes website.
As part of a cycling duo, Harriet takes on the roles of "chef, bike mechanic, website designer and DIY kit-maker."
Harriet's Andes by Bike website is one of the best resources for planning a bicycle tour in South America.
On the Andes by Bike website, you will find practical information about remote South American routes including information on where you will encounter water and be able to buy supplies, which way to turn at unsigned junctions, distances and difficulty level.
Most of the routes described in Andes by Bike are high altitude unpaved roads in remote areas.

Visit the website: Andes by Bike

Andes by Bike
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