Scotts woman Laura Erwin is attempting to bike the length of the Andes with her partner, Reeza Noori.
Their bicycle expedition began in Ushuaia, the most southerly town in South America, in late October 2015.
The biking duo is traversing the length of the Andes using only their strength and determination, finishing on the northern shores of the La Guajira peninsula, Colombia. The motto of the 57 Degrees South tour is, "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you."
A fun way to track the tour's progress is by checking out the 1,000-kilometer stills.  The latest image is a gorgeous shot from the Peru Divide leg of the journey.  The photo's caption reads:

The Cordillera Blanca and the 'Huascaran circuit'.  We climbed from 3000m altitude up to 5000m TWICE in the space of a few days.  It was beautiful though!

Laura and Reeza are real pros at creating videos and have documented their entire Andes bicycle tour in the Videoblog section of their website.
Watch the video below to experience biking through one of the most notoriously windy places on earth, Tierra del Fuego.

Visit her website: 57 Degrees South

57 Degrees South
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